ISO Writer - Windows command-line image-burning utility
Alex Feinman

0. News

08/16/2010: Build 0.5. First build.

08/19/2010: Build 0.5.1. Added erase support. Fixed some cosmetic issues

10/17/2011: Build 0.6.1. Bug fixes. Better error handling

1. Description

ISOWriter utility is designed as a command-line-based alternative to the GUI-based ISO Recorder. It has has been designed to allow for unattended operations from batch files. A non-zero exit code is returned on failure

CreateCD utility uses the same APIs and interfaces as Windows Shell CD/DVD burn engine.

2. Supported platforms

  1. Windows Vista (original, SP1, SP2), 32 and 64-bit
  2. Windows 7, 32 and 64-bit
  3. Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2, 32 and 64-bit
  4. Windows XP SP2+, Windows Server 2003 SP1+. Requires Windows Feature Pack for Storage

3. Usage

The following is a command line format for ISOWriter utility:

            ISOWriter [-r ] [-s ] [-e] [-v] [-b] 
             -r  ( -r e: )
             -s  ( -s 52 )
             -e (eject after writing)
             -v (validate after writing)
             -x (erase)
             -b (bare mode, no fancy output, suitable for batch files)
             -i (info)

Example: ISOWrite -r e: -e C:\Data\image.iso

Use recordable drive E:, eject after completion. Burns c:\data\image.iso

  1. -e[ject] Ejects disc after operation has been successfully completed.
  2. -s[peed] Specify burn speed. This is in "X", i.e. for a 52x capable drive you can specify 20. For a DVD the range is different. ISOWrite will adjust speed not to exceed maximum supported by drive/media. If not specified, the fastest speed that media supports is used
  3. -b[are] Limit output. Specifically, disabled progress information. Useful for batch files with redirected output.
  4. -r[ecorder] <LETTER>: Use recorder <LETTER>. If not specified, the first available recorder is used - typically it is the same one as used by Windows
  5. -i[nfo] Print extensive information about drive/media
  6. -v[alidate] Validate recorder media after writing.
  7. -x Force erase before burning. Normally, erase is performed only when it is required
  8. -info Print recorder/disk information and exit. Prints recorder model, media type, amount of space available. This option should not be combined with others. The rest of options will be ignored

3. Download

See "News" section above. The tool is provided in ZIP format (not self-extracting). Unpack zip file into a directory and run utility from command line 

The utility is free. If you really like it, I accept small PayPal donations. I encourage donations from corporate users (although do not require them)

4. License

This utility is free for non-commercial (personal) use. Other types of use should be discussed with the author (a very reasonable person) - see the contact information section. Author shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the use of this utility. All rights are reserved. 4. Contact information Problems should be reported to To discuss licensing issues please e-mail to Alex Feinman